Those of you who consider yourselves Microsoft fans: tell me why.

There are a lot of people on this site who really, really love Microsoft. I don't just mean that they think that Windows is great, or that Windows Phone is unfairly maligned, or something like that; I mean really consider themselves supporters of Microsoft, actively want it to win, feel some emotional bond towards it.

I'm going to be honest here: I kind of don't get why.

I know people can be sensitive so before anyone freaks out, let me explain exactly what I mean.

I don't really get fan-ism when it comes to tech; 'rooting' for any giant corporation, as opposed to just loving great products, seems a bit weird. But there are some fandoms which do make a kind of sense to me:

I get people loving Nintendo, for example, because I have so many happy memories of their products and some emotional attachment to their characters.

I get people loving Google, because I can see how their culture - the 20% rule, etc - is attractive to people and I can understand how some people may see them as a positive ethical force in the industry with their support of open source etc. (Yes, Google's ethics are highly contested; let's not get into that here. I'm just saying that those who do love it often have an ethical element to the love, particularly the open source thing.)

I get people loving Apple, a bit, as they seem to have a clear philosophy behind their products - design-led, premium materials, simplicity-first, accessible to your granny, etc - that appeals to a lot of people.

But when it comes to MS - I don't see it. They seem very much like a conventional corporation, numbers-led; they've had a near-monopoly position on the desktop OS market for a very long time; they're pretty much a standard Fortune 500 company. You might admire their achievements, but I don't get what there is to love.

So rather than just look on in bafflement, I thought I'd actually ask. Those of you who openly consider themselves MS fans: what is it that you like?

A plea: those of you who don't like MS, maybe let's not use this as a place to vent, yeah? I'd really like to hear from the Tribe without a flame war breaking out, if that's possible.