Xbox One TV and Cable box options... Which to get?

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There are two things with the new XboxOne that I am trying to decide how to handle wiht new products: The cable box HDMI Pass-through, and the instant-on features.

HDMI Pass-Through:

My main concern here is if my Tivo Premier will work with the HDMI pass through and to what level the HDMI-CEC will interact with it. i spent a while looking for which version of the HDMI is on the TIVO Premiers, but could not find it anywhere (nicluding their site). I really think this is pivotal to me deciding on a set top box. I have heard of other boxes supporting CEC and may just rent one or potentially buy one from a provider if it does and just use it without the great TIVO UI since I would then be using the XBox to change channels and whatnot. Seems not worth $13 a month for the UI. I would like to see a lot of this stuff detailed out my Xbox as well. I suppose this will have a lot to do with those set top box manufacturers as well. What I really want is a Xbox Cable box with full DVR support that works seamlessly with the XboxOne that can input a cable card or whatnot.


This one actually seems a little easier. What Tv's out there turn on the quickest and have a great picture and >120MHZ and 1080p? Since I was planning on getting a new TV anyways, it makes sense to ask this question unrelated to the new XboxOne, but I also am trying to find a TV that matches the quickness of the XboxOne (as shown int he demonstrations, etc...). When I say "Xbox On", I want that TV to start up just the same and just as quickly. Not wait 10 seconds. Any recommendations on manufacturers where this is a non-isssue and it happens almost instantly? I have experience with my Toshiba dn a samsung and shars and whatnot and they all are delayed to some extent. I am assuming I can just ensure the HDMI input for a new TV matches the HDMI1.4 and would be fine with the XboxOne interactions, but are there any specifics about certain Tv's not supporting HDMI-1.4 display input settings. Any idea if that will be supported by any manufacturers?


This post is all about performance of the cable box and the TV with the Xbox One. I like Tivo and its UI, but I also like the idea of easily switching between gaming, movies and TV. I am a consumer (and an americun) so I want everything fast and very little button pushing. Any other ideas?