How can Microsoft fix the Surface Tablet

Surface RT is full of problems and compromises. From its form factor to the low number of good quality apps. And all we can do is guide Microsoft how to fix most of the problems. Here are a few things I think Microsoft should do in the next Surface tablet.

  • Kill the desktop, it has created a lot of confusion among the consumers.
  • Metro version of Office.
  • 5:3 screen aspect ratio instead of 16:9. I think 5:3 is better because it is in between 16:9 and 4:3.
  • At least a 1080p screen. Because all the other tablets on the market have a higher resolution than 1080p.
  • Ask Nokia to improve the Surface's cameras. Hopefully we will get better camera performance from the tablet.
  • Kill the surface pro. And make it the laptop version. Because the Pro version also creates confusion among the confusion.
  • Qualcomm processor, better performance.
  • Colour choice, I would really like to see the surface in white.
  • A bit smaller screen at 9.8 inches. And also remove the bezel as much as Microsoft can and should.
  • Thinner and lighter.
  • And lastly, more good quality apps.
Let me know what you think on how Microsoft can fix the Surface.