Deja vu ? Nexus 7 / Chromecast

Hey guys

i just had a deja vu watching the vergecast.

i don't want to be pesimistic but

Didn't we see the exact same reaction to the nexus 7 a year ago, how great it was and so on.

Now the original n7 is performing like shit for most people and everyone hating on it.

I also can't get exited about Chromecast at the moment, because google has a great track record on leave unfinished products rotting on the street and just work on something totally different.

Dont get me wrong, Chromecast does look great, but it isn't really new. It's just AirPlay with less features, at least at the moment.

I just wanted to get this out to you and wanted to know if you had the same déjà vu watching the vergecast ?