rMBP 13" with Mavericks

So the Misses wants one of these and I have seen a lot of performance issues from readers here. I have looked up on anandtech and they pinpoint it too apps being single threaded and heavily dependent on the CPU for things like scrolling instead of being GPU accelerated. Mavericks seems like it is moving a lot of things to the GPU and things like scrolling looked super smooth, so I wanted to ask how are users finding it on a rMBP 13".

If it is still slow I will be recommending the Air instead, however the screen will be very much a set down as she uses a 13" @1080p currently. The machine is mostly used for programming iOS/Web, watching movies mostly 1080p, some gaming like Sims. Personally for coding I like as much screen space as I can to fit as much code as I can, and with so much text a retina screen is amazing. However the Air is lighter and much better battery life so if the performances on the rMBP 13" is not good enough then I think the Air is best.

Also she finds 15" laptops a bit too big so would rather stick to 13", as much as I tried to show her the benefits, 13" is just "cute" haha.

I have also taken a look at Youtube but real life experience is always better then a video.

Cheers <3