The Motorola X

It's the phone everyone, including me, is looking forward to. It's (seemingly) got everything one could want without being overkill. It's also made in the U.S.A..... Now see that last point is not something I understand. In my experience, most things made there (disclaimer: I am a Canadian and thus am in Canada) have been, to put it softly, shit. We used own a ford a couple Chevy's and a Ford and they were a pain until we finally made a switch to Japanese cars in 2003. Am I the only one that seems to not care/be very wary of this? I do not care about "more jobs in america" because whether it's in the U.S or china, one human has a job and another doesn't. It makes no difference. Can anyone explain to me why being made in the U.S of A is a big deal? I do apologize if sound rude but this is something that is important at least to me as someone who's next phone may just be the X (if it comes up north).

PS: I apologize for the tiny wall of text up there lol ^^