Making RT relevant and removing confusion

Its simple.

  1. Ship Metro versions of Word, Power Point, and Excel. Even lite ones like the ones present on Windows Phone. They teased Power Point so this is already in the works.
  2. Remove the Desktop from Windows RT and all associated legacy. This is a confusion point.
  3. Make Windows RT exclusive to sub-10 inch tablets. At 7-8 inches, the need to run legacy applications is diminished.
  4. Make Surface entry level 10 inch running Atom with high end Surface running a Haswell chip. Intel is good enough at these sizes, price ranges, and power profiles.

This has the effect of making the messaging much simpler. Windows RT is for smaller tablets which eschew the need to run legacy Windows applications in favor of consumption based Metro apps. Windows 8 is the best of both worlds, for 10 inches and up which includes the ability to run legacy Windows applications.

You won't have the product line conclusion of some 10 inch tablets running Windows apps and some 10 inch tablets not running Windows apps. I don't think a potential customer will necessarily look to run Encarta '97 on their 7 inch tablet.

Thoughts? I think this makes sense from all angles. Price sensitivity is greater at such small screen sizes so ARM will excel here, so is power consumption given that there is less space for a battery. Removing the Desktop from RT also removes the illusion that other Windows apps will run which will help with the messaging.