iPhone 5S with 4.3" screen is real? [VIDEO]


In the past several days, Bloomberg said in a report that the next seventh-generation iPhone will have a display of 4.3". It's kinda weird to hear this from Bloomberg.

However, everyone thinks that the rumor is fake. I believe that the next generation iPhone may really have a bigger display (4.3" by exact)... It will not get a bigger size design, nor a higher screen resolution.

In fact, the current design of the iPhone 5 can fit a 4.3" screen, the side bezels of the device are a little bit wide, which makes a 4.3" possible.

A 4.3" display on the next iPhone doesn't force Apple to move to a higher resolution display, because "√((640^2)+(1136^2))/4.3" = 303 PPI, which is higher than the "Retina Display" requirements.

Developers and accessory makers won't update their products to accommodate with the next iPhone (if it had a 4.3" screen). At the same time, the users can take advantage of the bigger screen while watching movies or even playing small-buttons games, like Clash of Clans.

This video shows how an iPhone 5S would look like if it have a 4.3" screen: