The Road to Chromecast

While the new Nexus 7 announcement was expected ,the Chromecast was not, and at $35 would illicit a lot of attention and curiosity. But should it have been a surprise? A quick look at previous efforts by Google to allow users to control or send information between instances of Android and Chrome shows an accelerating timeline that stretches back nearly three years.


    • May 2010 - Chrome to Phone hits Froyo -
    • August 2010 - Chrome to Phone available in Play Store -
    • August 2012 - YouTube App adds smartphone controls -
    • February 2013 - YouTube App adds automatic pairing for controls -
    • July 2013 - WebRTC came to Chrome for Android -
    • Late July - Chromecast launch

So what does a trajectory like this bring us? Another Google TV or a clever way to implement the continuous client?