The Beauty of iOS Lies in Its Desire to Be Like Android...the Apple Way

Android is the most powerful platform. It has killed the necessity to purchase a PC. From downloading an mp3 track to editing videos and pictures,Android is committed to make PC obsolete. PC, today, is about to be like trucks in the field. Rarely to be used years from now. iOS, on the other hand, has some Mac to protect.It has iTunes to help keep going. That's one reason why you can't download an mp3 song and have it played in its built-in Music App. Apple still wants iOS users to feel the need for a Mac. Google's main business is advertisements. More Android means more money. To bait consumers from iOS to Android platform, Google made the latter open and so powerful. To achieve this power, they almost put all the technologies at once in every iterations of Android 1-4. Even Android 4.0 is more powerful than iOS 7. All iOS users are well-wishers for Android features to come to iPhone. These wishes were never granted in full. So loyal users keep on waiting. They keep on waiting for Apple to finally finds a way to make a powerful feature from Android practical and wonderful. (NFC is not yet in iOS, because Apple has not found a way to make it more useful) IMO, Android has peaked and can't think of another feature to add in its might. Android 4.3 is the best example of a platform so powerful but no longer has something to wow Android users. What is next for Android 5? Can you think of one?