Computer Engineer or Architect

Sorry about posting it here, but i figured people here love Tech and they have a clue about my question, and dont mind reading long posts (we love it)


i am about to go to College, and there are 2 Jobs i am interested
Architect & Computer Engineer (Software Engineer)

i am a computer geek, i am on my computer 24/7 for the last 10 years.
the thing is i dont like coding (Mostly writing codes for Windows since Mac OSX is less than %1),

i like to MOD, Hack, Edit, Flash,Create things, PhotoShop, After Effects, 3DS Max, i use them all, but i dont like to program or write code, because based on my experience its not really a fun thing (am i right ?)

i spent my life on my computer i want to try something different, Should i ?

but at the same time Software Engineering have the brightest future. (at lest in my country. Iraq)

looking at "Architecture" where i can Design, Create, Model, and Construct "i like the idea of it"
but its future is NOT as bright as a Software Engineer (Architecture is an old job, but SE is a new one ? maybe)

i live in Iraq, Software Engineering is more desirable than Architect, but has less salary ~$1000 per month

Architect have higher salary ~$2000 but its hard to find a job.

what do you think i should do ??
if you have experience with of one of them can you advice me, Pros and Cons ?
what about salary and job demands
please explain don't just say go there

Which one is better ??
if you read all of it Thank You for helping.