8.1 Metro Apps with Large Tile size and Updated Snap capabilities

I don't know how popular the new large tile size is for people out there. Personally I love having them on my desktop running 8.1. Unfortunately, the only apps I can find that support that tile size are the built in apps.

I know that with 8.1 has only been out for a couple of weeks so a lot of devs probably haven't finished upgrading the rest of their app with support for the new snap sizes and stuff, but I just thought this would be a good place to list apps that support the new large tile size, as well as apps that work with the new snap layouts.

So far the only ones I know of are:

  • Bing Apps: weather, health and fitness, news, finance, travel, food and drink, sports
  • store
  • desktop
  • pictures
  • music
  • video
P.S. according to the sneak peak it looks like Flipboard will support the new tile large tile size.