I Hated "The Wolverine"

I know, I know, I don't expect many people to agree with me. Wolverine is a beloved character but after this second outing trying to focus on his story, I realized something inescapable for me. I find nothing about him interesting.


The most interesting parts of the movie for me were the very beginning and after the end. The first part that was interesting was seeing him save that Japanese guy from the nuclear blast. It was interesting because of the backdrop and set piece though, not wolverine. The other interesting part came after the movie ended, and out pops magneto and xavier. Those 2 minutes or so were more interesting than the entire movie. And why? just a few brief moments seeing magneto on screen were a thousand times more compelling than seeing wolverine scratch things with his claws for 2 hours and spend each night agonizing over killing Jean... I would have had the moral maturity to absolve myself of her death at age 5 based off her psychopathic rampage and murder spree. But apparently this moron is mentally crippled and tortured by taking her out. I cannot relate to that or find sympathy in that, I'm not that confused about BASIC ideas of the needs of the many over the needs of your personal relationship.

Magneto as a character oozes depth and gravitas, you don't have to jump through hoops to make him compelling. They tried damned hard with this movie to do that for wolverine, and it failed... at least for me. Like I said at the beginning though, most people disagree with me. They love seeing wolverine scratch things with his claws and be the tough guy. I just find it boring.

Maybe you all can explain the fascination with him to me, why do you or others find him so much more compelling than anyone else? I mean think about the comparisons between wolverine and a character like batman or spiderman. He is an insect compared to them, but so many people seem to love him more. Why?