Apple to discontinue the iPhone 5 once the 5S hits the market? :(

According to rumours, the iPhone 5 will meet it's end later this year when the iPhone 5S hits the market. The rumour stated that Apple will move away from it's current discounted previous-gen iPhones (4 & 4S) and instead release the budget iPhone with the high-end flagship iPhone 5S, leaving no place for a discounted iPhone (carrying all the expensive exterior materials of the 5S). The comment section of the article had a lot of reasonable, realistic arguments, for example:

Apple can't afford to reduce the margins of the iPhone 5 with a discounted version, the assembly and manufacturing of that phone is way too complicated to sell it for less.

Since the budget iPhone will internally be an iPhone 5, the amount of "lost" or "unused" components will be minimal, and if Apple's S model strategy is still the same, then the exterior materials (aluminium) will be used exclusively for the 5S.

Do you see Apple moving away from it's current strategy? Personally, I think the arguments that were posted in the comments sound very realistic and you can see why they make sense. I'm not sure if Apple will move to this new product line, given the popularity of the previous-gen iPhones at discounted prices and now that Apple has declared the iPhone 5 the most popular iPhone they ever built, killing it would be just... wrong.

What do you think?