Chromecast: What do YOU want to know?

I got my chromecast from bestbuy yesterday and here are a few things I tried.

Laptops: 2012 Macbook pro, 2013 Macbook air Router: Timecapsule 802.11ac

Is casting tab really bad?: No. In fact I was quite impressed by how well it works. While casting a tab...

  • - Does adblock work? : YES!
  • - Does flash work? : YES!
  • - Will it play hulu videos: YES!
  • - Will it play Amazon instant video: YES!
  • - Is all this true regardless of what laptop I'm using? NO

All these features work fine on macbook pro but not on my 2013 macbook air. The cast tab is blurred and so not usable.

Does it work if I plug it into a receiver instead of directly to TV? YES

I have a Denon AVR 591 and hdmi controls work fine through it as long as the receiver is turned on.

Even if I'm on a different source, if you cast anything to chromecast, it will automatically select the right source on the denon receiver.

What else would you like me to try?