Apple and the fingerprint technology

Rumors suggest that apple could introduce fingerprint authentication technology in the next iPhone. I am really intrigued by this. Authen Tech was bought by apple a while back and since then there has been almost no news about it.

Firstly I want to know how good have Authen Tech's previous products been. Have they been super secure? After all that's the most important thing to it. The danger here lies in the fact that once you are associated with apple you will be under an unprecedented scanner. A 0.001% wrong authentication (someone else bypassing your password with his or her thumb) may make so much hoopla that the media will declare it a failure.

I have seen laptops in the past with fingerprint sensor. They were not too great and were only used to log into the system. I hope apple and its developers can use this technology to really go after passwords. In an ideal scenario i should have the option of authentication with fingerprint in every place that requires a password today. Well, if you get Jaime Lannistered, you still have the passwords to fall back upon.

A good execution of this tech may finally bring the digital wallet to mainstream too.

The idea of making passwords obsolete is very exciting to me.