Why does The Verge give Google a free pass on original Nexus 7 slowing to a crawl?

I like Android, I use it. I own a Nexus 7, a MacBook Pro, a Windows Phone and a Windows PC. I use everything. My Nexus 7 is not rooted, has stock 4.2.2.

Here's my thesis: The Verge and others prominent tech press have a pro-Android bias and an anti-Microsoft bias, at least at the leadership editorial level, because it is utterly illogical that they would not be trashing Google and Android for what has become a collosal mess of the original Nexus 7.

Why is Google given a free pass by the tech press on how gawd awful their first Nexus tablet and Android have become? If Microsoft of Apple had put their name on a tablet and had it running their latest and greatest mobile OS, and it slowed to a crawl after a year of updates, both would be crucified by the press for allowing their mobile OS to degenerate into a crapfest of slowness.

Especially Microsoft. Heck, the press even get upset with MS for the sluggishness of Surface RT. Well, RT's sluggishness is nothing compared to my Nexus 7's. I know because my neighbor has an RT and I've used it. It's slow but not Molasses 7 slow.

There are a number of bloggers who have complained about this issue. And just watch David Pierce's excellent new Nexus 7 review, where he mentions what I'm talking about.

example here:

But what I don't understand is, where is the larger-picture outcry by influential sites like The Verge and Engadget and others? Where is the deluge of articles prodding Google into action, like "Why doesn't Google care about the technical prowess of Android on its OWN Nexus tablet?"

This is not a troll post. I am truly mystified and completely frustrated with my Google Nexus 7 experience and by the press's collective nonchalance

Yes, I've used the various hack apps that rewrite the storage, etc. But should an average user have to do this to a supposedly world-class mobile OS?

Thoughts, Android Army?