Stop trying to be first, it hurts us

So, Nexus 7 review is up, 48 hours after the product has been announced. It seems clear from the review that The Verge had no early access, and the tablet was received after the press conference. Are 48 hours enough to review such a product? No way, and it shows - the review says battery tests are still running, I have no idea how the tablet performs in direct sunlight and whether the paint comes off after 3 days.

Obviously, a review has to maintain balance between time spent with the product and timeliness of the review - a GS4 review written after two months of use will be much more insightful, but people need to read it as close to launch as possible, so that they can make an informed decision about the purchase option. And obviously, first review = pageviews = money for what is a for-profit enterprise.

But putting the review up after spending only two days with the device, instead of the usual 6-7 days? If it's being done for the potential buyers, this is a bad service for them - a rushed and partial review presented as the full thing, with a score and everything. If it's done because commercial interests have trumped journalistic interests, well, sucks to be us who think that this site is above all that.

Personally, I think it's neither of those, and is being done simply for the ego - just to say that The Verge was first, because of some misguided attempts to maintain or improve this website's gravitas in tech journalism world. If so, whoever thinks that should take a vacation and try remember what tech journalism is all about - love of technology and desire to make it more accessible for people, not being first.