Good media editing/management apps for OS X?

Built my Hackintosh, dual booted with Windows 7, and everything is working great on Mountain Lion so far. I really like it, and want to stay in ML as much as possible. Coming from Windows, I am looking for good apps to use in ML for a variety of things.

Photo editing - I found Pixelmator in the App Store (for $15!) and really like it so far. So that area is covered, unless there are better suggestions besides Photoshop.

Photo management - In Windows I use Windows Live Photo Gallery. Yeah, it's basic and free, but it works great with a large library of photos on a Windows server, has good facial recognition and batch tagging features, and the tags stick with the photos instead of some proprietary app database. I am still looking for something similar on OS X. I have about 27,000 photos on my Windows server and need to be able to manage, tag, and browse them from there instead of brining them all local. From my research, iPhoto doesn't seem to work well for this scenario. Anyone have any good app suggestions?

Video editing - In Windows I use Sony's Vegas Movie Studio (i.e. consumer version of Vegas), but they don't have a Mac version of VMS. What's a good consumer level editor similar to VMS on OS X? Premier Elements? Anything else? Also, the latest versions of VMS support GPU acceleration. Anything on OS X supporting GPU accel? Pretty sure Premiere Elements does not.

Any good mail apps that support Hotmail via Exchange Active Sync instead of POP3? Hoping to get my Calendar and Contacts to sync to OS X via EAS. Ironically this works GREAT with mail, cal, and contacts on my iPad but not on OS X. I am not ready to move to another mail service for better sync support yet.

Other must-have app suggestions for OS X?