Microsoft's Future

With all the changes Microsoft has made, what do you think will happen five years down the line?

My Opinion: Microsoft over the next one to two years will complete their goal of a completely unified ecosystem. What this means is that if I purchase an application on my Xbox, I will be able to use that on my phone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC with little to no hassle. Skydrive, Bing and Azure will expand and integrate to a point where everything I do is synced at my own command, and a companion (not unlike Siri) will be there to answer my questions.

Over the next five years I would say Microsoft will have an established Laptop, Tablet (7" and 10") and Phone with yearly updates made. Five more iterations of Windows will have happened (thank you Windows Blue initiative), and Windows Phone will be a solid competitor with Android and iPhone. Touchscreen technology will be affordable and cheap, motion technology will be widely adopted (Leap and Kinect will be regular attachments), and 4k displays will finally start to come down to an affordable price ($1,000 $2,000). Microsoft may even expand to some new markets (TV's, Xbox Set-top boxes, Microsoft TV service).

As for other companies, Google will expand Android and Chrome OS through expanding network infrastructure. Google services will be bundled, potentially also moving to a devices and services company. They will be a healthy and solid company as always. Apple may go downhill somewhat (but not much), developing for the higher-end market, they will stay relevant although maybe not at the levels they currently are. They will continue to put out high-quality products and expand their desktop OS to enable touch (along with Leap and their own version of Kinect).

I would assume Microsoft, Google and Apple will all be gigantic by this time, with even more of a monopoly then they already have.