Apple looking for Human Interface designers

In case any mock up pros are looking for a job. :-). I've heard this team is quite small ~20 or so employees so are these reqs due to turnover or expanding the team? Hmm...

Job Info:

The Apple Human Interface Group (HIg), responsible for crafting the user interface design of the iPhone and OS X, is looking for a Senior HI Designer to work on the iPhone. The HIg iPhone Designer has the ability to solve problems creatively, an interdisciplinary sensibility toward graphic, product and digital media design and an exceptional eye for detail. He or she will conceive, design and develop future enhancements to Aqua, the dynamic user interface for the iPhone, including everything from icon to application design, and will be involved in individual and group critiques of their work.

Top candidates will have proficiency in illustration, a basic understanding of user interface principles, a sensitivity to typography and color, a general awareness of materials/textures, and a practical grasp of physics and animation.

Knowledge of OS X, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as a willingness to learn on the job is a requirement. Experience in Director, Quartz Composer, 3D computer modeling, motion graphics, sound design and copy writing are a plus.