The Phablet killed the Tablet. Or maybe I still just don't get it ?

I liked the idea of the tablet, I remember waiting for months for the ipad to come out and I had huge expectations for it and when it came out I was like "meh". I didn't really get the whole Idea," A blown up ipod touch" I was looking for something like the Axieotron Modbook or the MS Surface, & I didn't get Apple's vision.

Then, I actually bought and used an Ipad and I understood. It was a great device, beautiful, and completely irrelevant. I tried to think of different things to do with my ipad, I jail broke it ( which was probably the most fun I had with the thing) Installed every beautiful, awesome, wonderful, magical app I could find. I was going to get organized I was going to read more I was going to relax more while browsing, "Holding the internet in my hands" It was going to change my life, it was the next level of computing... And I felt like I kinda HAD to find a way to fit a tablet into my daily life.

Fast forward 3 months and my beautiful, magical, awesome ipad was nothing more than an $800 dollar toy for my kids to fight over... For kids, the Ipad IS amazing and magical and something awesome, I think every kid should have a tablet these days. But for me, an old school geek... meh. Whenever I used the tablet I felt I was missing something and I could never work as quickly or as efficiently as I do on my Macbook.

Then, thinking maybe it was just Apple's experience that sucked, I bought a Nexus 7 thinking I would try the android tablet experience. I love Android and I loved the Nexus 7. but after the first 2 weeks of tweaking it and getting it exactly how I wanted it spent weeks unused in my bag.

I used to take it to work with me and was able to leave my laptop at home which was nice but I also carried a 5" Smartphone with me and I usually ended up with that. Then, of course, realizing I couldn't do what I wanted to I ended up bringing my laptop back to work with me. The thing of it was a tablet just didn't fit in my life.

For the price of an Ipad 4 I could buy a decent new Macbook Air ( or a kick ass used one). Or even something like the Surface, or the Yoga if I used Windows ). The Macbook Pro stays at home, hooked up to my TV and my external hard disks and serves as my media center.I can't understand why anyone would want a tablet over something like the Macbook Air.

My Macbook Air is my workhorse, It goes back and forth to work with me, and my smart phone is with me whenever I am outside and it having a 5" screen is damn near tablet anyhow and is MORE than sufficient for the short periods of leisure time I need reading or playing angry birds or whatever sitting in the doctors office or in a taxi or on the train. I just never found any place to really fit a tablet and since most phones are between 4.5 and 5" I don't really see any reason anyone would need a tablet.

In my opinion the perfect setup is:

A Home machine + A light, portable machine + A smartphone / phablet.

What do you think? Have you adopted the tablet life?