Two little things I love about the new Nexus 7 and a myth in development

I am so happy that they included:

1. The CRT-off animation, which was not present on the original Nexus 7 (don't know if it is there on 4.3 on the OG Nexus 7 as I haven't gotten the update yet)

2. The notification LED.

Off-topic but I wanted to mention a new myth-in-the-making about the Nexus 7 that seems to be thrown around with no thought these days, especially by Apple fans. These are two choice quotes from the forums and the new Nexus 7 review that got my attention:

Although, the review rates it for its Netflix and eBook abilities – which is about all its good at


If you only use it for the few things it’s good at (video and books) and ignore everything it’s not so good at (almost everything else)

Bear in mind that these guys did not say that the iPad mini is better at some stuff than the new Nexus 7, which is something I generally agree with. No, what they are saying is that essentially *all the Nexus 7 is good for* is video and e-reading.

So I must have been tripping when using my OG Nexus 7 to play a ton of games, essentially organize my whole dental practice on it, took notes, sketched some stuff on the fantastic ArtFlow studio (which, to me, is so much better than even Autodesk's apps - that also exist on Android btw), edited photos on Photoshop Touch etc.

Again, I'm not saying that the iPad mini isn't better in some categories because it is (especially audio production, in which Android really suffers). What annoys me is the hyperbole these guys use to put down a device which threatens their point of view.