It's becoming pathetic.

Just shut up already! Reading all these stupid posts is like having an itchy ass that just won't stop itching. Nokia does not owe you guys anything. They make phones. You like it, you buy it, you don't, you look elsewhere. Oh, Nokia make an android, I'd buy it. You and who? Should they change their entire plan just because a few nerds said so? Why isn't htc making millions? With every quarter, Nokia is selling more lumias and there is no indication that they are going to be selling less anytime soon. If having android is more important than having a Nokia, buy any android you want. I decided that Nokia's hardware is more important than android so I bought a Lumia. If you think android is more important, buy the amazing galaxy or the gorgeous htc one. If you want both, well then, guess what I'd like; an orgy with Scarlett Johansen, Jessica alba and Cassie, me being the only guy. I'd buy that! Those three should definitely hook up with me.