Macbook Air 13" and Windows 8 reviews, battery life & photoshop usage.

I'm going to be getting a ultrabook sometime this summer. I've thought about Windows ultrabooks such as the Samsung Series 9, Lenovo X1 Carbon previously and I'm also considering the upcoming Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus but nobody knows when that will be released. I'm also considering the Macbook Air just because it can boot most operating systems, including Windows and OSX. I've mainly been a Windows user but I wouldn't mind trying out OSX, although I don't expect to convert to it completely (never know) as at work and uni I use mainly Windows machines. I was hoping that Apple would have bumped up the screen type to IPS and the resolution on their refresh but they didn't.

However as I'm considering an 13" Air I would like to know how well it handles Windows 8 in both Boot Camp and Paralells. Do any features of Windows 8 not work? Are there any reviews where they are reviewing just using Windows 8 on it?

I've seen mentioned that the battery life won't be the same, as Apple are not really too bothered with releasing drivers that would improve Windows performance to take advantage of any battery saving features that Haswell has bought to OSX. Will Apple be doing this? Are there any other niggles with using Windows on the air.

is the 13" Air any good to use with Photoshop and other Adobe products? How is the colour accuracy with it having a TN panel?

How is the Air when designing websites and wanting to test them on different res’s? would it be better to have a 1080p or higher res display to test websites you design? (as 1080p seems to be the standard most monitors are)

I think I included everything I wanted to ask about, but if not I'll add more questions.