Concept: Windows Phone 8.1 (NC, Charms, Start, Multitasking, etc)

Hey Tribe!

Been working on this for a week, or so. These concept goes through start, notifications, charms, multitasking, settings, and some of the default apps.

I borrowed heavily from Windows 8.1 for this concept. I have no experience in doing mockups or concepts, so doing this is all new to me. In addition, I am by no means a graphic designer, so don't expect awesome mockups :(

Let's get started!




So I tried to make Windows Phone look more like Windows 8.1 with the start screen. Something is off though, or maybe I am just looking too much into it.

Some might like the start screen to be horizontal like Windows 8.1, but to me that would be awkward when you’re primarily holding the phone vertically. It just really reminds me of iOS and Android, and I haven't seen a concept that implemented it that really appealed to me.




Notifications are accessed by swiping top to bottom, similar to iOS and Android. I have always believed this was a very good way to do it. It is able to accessed anywhere! Unlike iOS and Android though, I don't feel like a "shade" or anything that goes over the content you're viewing is the correct way of going about it specifically for Windows Phone.

Instead, the notifications give the appearance of bringing down the content you're in. For example, say you're on the start screen, as you swipe from the top and start to drag your finger down, the start screen will start going down, and the notification will appear.

To get to the rest of your notifications just scroll.

To go back to your content, just swipe form bottom to top. That is why there is more space below, so the user has enough space to get back without hitting a notification.

Also, notification center is able to be accessed from the lock screen if you do not have a password by using the same action.

Quick Actions



I really like the idea of quick actions in the notification center. This one in the mockup above is kind of bare bones but gets across what you'd be able to do. Swipe from right to left to quickly act upon a notification, if available. Swipe from left to right to dismiss notification




Swiping from left to right(to get to the left side of the start screen), gives you the today panel. It also works on the lockscreen. I know what some of you are thinking, this looks like Google Now, and yes I'm aware. I've never used Google Now, but seeing as how everyone seems to talk about it like its the best thing ever, I thought it would be something nice to have to the left of the start screen. I did this pretty quick, and used most of my calendar mockup as you'll see later on.




Charms are able to be accessed from anywhere by using the volume buttons.They can be accessed from the lock screen this way too! If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to make it so you have to do less going in and out, and more of, if you need to turn off your bluetooth quickly, or put on airplane mode, etc.



I cannot say I'm very fond of what I did here. Looks very busy. It looked better when I drew it :(




To close an app, all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of it. I don't agree with swiping down even though it may follow Windows 8. I mean you're holding the phone vertically, usually with one hand, even if you're holding it with two, where are your hands? At the bottom of the phone, or near the middle. It is SO much easier to swipe up to close the app than bottom, and considering GDR3 will be bringing bigger screen size phones, all the more reason to!




Just a quick update to settings to arrange all of them in alphabetical order.


I think Microsoft should follow Google in keeping the apps separate from the OS, if that makes sense. Basically being able to update the apps through the store. That way quicker updates for all of the apps, and no need to go through carriers to update default apps in an OS update.




This is just a quick mockup of what I want the phone app to do when I open it. Going straight to history is just very much in the way for me personally at least. When I open the phone app, I want to dial someones number, and if I go to the people app, that is where I will be looking for contacts if I want to call someone through there.




Not much to see here, but what I wanted to do with the people app was bring it closer to the look of the Windows 8.1 app that was pictured earlier this month(I don't believe its in the Windows 8.1 beta though).



When opening the people app, you get this screen, but also a picture of yourself and your status. I never got the reason for why the picture of you, and your status is on the people app where you want to look up other people/contacts. It is redundant to me. You have the me app for that.

Anyway, this is just a quick mockup of what it would look like. Try to imagine contacts listed :)



This is the groups part of the people app.

Internet Explorer 11



You press the tabs button it brings up tabs and changes to favorites. To get out of tabs either click on the current tab, or click on the page. I really dislike being limited to only one button, but putting two there seems to feel like its squeezing the address bar too much thus making it too busy.




Store should mimick the look of the Windows 8.1 store. The buttons below are your apps(on the left), and my account(on the right). Categories are in the ellipses.




From looking at the Windows 8.1 Calendar pictured earlier this month, I tried to mimic it. This is the result.

Xbox Music



As with the calendar and people app, I also tried to mimic the current Xbox music app on 8.1. I like how the facebook app lets you swipe to get to the different menu's, so that is what I am doing here for the left column in xbox music.



And that's it! I really wish I could have done everything else I wanted show, but not enough time on my hands.

If there is something that you disliked, liked, or think that could be done better, let me know in the comments! Any feedback is appreciated.