Moto X - We don't know everything?

Was just listening to Leo Laporte on The Tech Guy show...someone called the show asking for recommendation for a new phone. He was dying to disclose the details about Moto X but couldn't say anything since he is on NDA. All he said was just wait till Aug 1st and you will not be sorry.

Interestingly he gave out few details. He says phone will be great, google is doing great things and he is really excited, says it will be better than One and SGS4. He says not all the rumors are true, and lot of important features have not leaked out. I'm guessing the specs are also wrong based on how excited he was.

Can't wait for August 1st :)

New Nexus 7, chromecast on the way. I think it's time to sell both my One and SGS4 to get ready for Motorola after a long time. The last Moto I owned was the flip phone razr, so excited to be using Moto again.