Why do people hate Phil Fish?

With the whole cancellation of Fez II over a Twitter argument, and the fact that Mr. Fish has been the topic of a few controversial statements, I wonder why do so many people hate him? I personally think he shouldn't even give the trolls the time of day, it just encourages them. I don't agree with everything he says but I wouldn't say I hate him. He's just a guy trying to live and do what he loves. Everyone will have people that don't like them for arbitrary reasons. Yet we all need to just keep on going and not let the bad people get to us. I find taking breaks from social media helps quite a bit. It helped me after a bad break up. However I think Phil Fish is addicted to Twitter so maybe it is hard for him to just stop using it for awhile. Back to the question why do you think people hate and or dislike Mr. Fish?