My Nokia Lumia 1020 User Review

Hey guys, here's a short video review of the Lumia 1020 I did today. I also created a photo comparison thread over on WPCentral (which is also linked in the video).

Overall it's a great phone and the camera is pretty amazing. I've also actually been amazed at how well the Lumia 920's camera has kept pace with the Lumia 1020's. The 92X devices, I think, absolutely trump the 1020 in traditional macro photography due to differing focal lengths, but if you stand back a little and use the 1020's digital zoom... the momentum starts to shift.

Lumia 920 Macro



Lumia 1020 Macro



Using automatic settings on both cameras, I even think the 92X devices beat the 1020 in low-light photography... but again, having those manual controls at hand quickly turn the Lumia 1020 into the proverbial Mohammad Ali in this fight.

Lumia 920 Low-Light



Lumia 1020 Low-Light



The manual controls offered by the Lumia 1020 and the software perks such as being able to reframe photos and zoom with lossless zoom coupled with the hardware improvements like the 41MP sensor, the enhanced optical image stabilization and the easier to use physical buttons (lookin' at you shutter button) definitely make me a believer in the 1020 though.

I personally think you can't go wrong with the Lumia 920/925/928 or the Lumia 1020, but if you're a shutterbug, if you're looking to ditch a point & shoot you may carry around or even if you're a budding amateur photographer looking for a way to delve into photography, I would feel incredibly comfortable recommending the Lumia 1020 to you.