Help with USB transfer speeds on all of my family PC's

I've been experiencing this weird problem. I'm not sure whether or not it's a common issue, but I am doubting it because I don't think half of the consumer PC world is going to be living in USB darkness.

I'm leaving for a trip and I've just transferred around 8GB's of SD movies between my family's PCs and my own MacBook Pro. I noticed that while the transfers took around 25 minutes on the PCs (20-25 minutes from two separate USB drives simultaneously on different computers), it only took 3-5 minutes on my MacBook Pro for each USB drive.

I've been looking around and trying to find what the cause of the offensively low write speeds/high write times could be but I've come out empty handed. Could there be any way to avoid these horrible transfer speeds?

Thanks to everyone in advance for any assistance!