What is your Favorite Mouse ???

Hi, i have been using the Microsoft SideWinder X8 since 2011, i am on my computer at least 9 hours a day,

and Mouse is my primary device, so the Mouse is NOT the best one because the plastic casing got Smooth 'er by time and its now very smooth and its uncomfortable to Click and hold, so as you can see in the pictures i disassembled it then Sanded it (Literally) to make the surface (Smooth Plastic) rough, and of course scratched my Thumb place to make it rough, that was before 6 month now i decided to use a Heat Gun and unfortunately i screwed the Mouse, 6 buttons are melted in their place.

Fp2mf5m_medium Qlip8a7_medium

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i want a new Mouse which one do you suggest ?

i have very big hands and my pinky finger if always uncomfortable, so do you suggest a TrackBall

i live in Iraq so there is NO warranty here and i have to buy it from Amazon and ship it here (~$20-$40) + price of the Mouse with NO warrant

y and NO return policy.

so if i but it its mine,

i am currently looking at Logitech Performance MX but its a small mouse and the pinky finger place is the same as mine, and it costs $100 + shipping = $140 so does it worth it ?

or i should switch to trackballs ? and which one would you suggest ?

if you read it till here Thank You

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