China Labor Watch report on Pegatron working conditions means more trouble for Apple

According to the latest issue of the german news magazine Der Spiegel (article in german), the NGO sent undercover investigators to Pegatron factories specifically manufacturing Apple devices. What they found were far worse working conditions than those previsouly seen at Foxconn. Aside from low wages, 12-hour standing shifts and poor sanitary and recreational facilities, workers at Pegatron have to cope with constant yelling from their superiors. Wounded persons remained untreated for almost an hour and were initially told to return to their post while still bleeding.

I guess english speaking articles covering this story will follow soon.

Disclaimer: i do not state that other manufacturers never have had similar issues. But those are not being treated by this particular article, thus I simply cannot comment on them.

It is a reminder of how responsibly we should consume goods of that type.