Microsoft, Please get Your Sh*t Together. Losing Faith.

The Rant:

I know there are many others too, that are fed up about how Microsoft's (marketing) has been handling their products. I somewhat despise Apple, and I'm starting to feel that Microsoft is trying to paint an Apple-like image for their users. Is this their only liable route? No. Microsoft is vastly different and bigger than Apple and Google at the moment, with all of their services and products. Why stoop to their level? It's frustrating because in my opinion, Microsoft can exponentially be doing a lot more and show more passion behind their idea of convergence of work and play mobility.

Microsoft is in a position where it's time to nut up, or shut up. The Surface is a greatly designed product, but years late, priced with a non-competitive tag, and seen first on TV covered up by folks dancing to what it seemed like, a "tablet stand"... available at a local K-Mart. I love the commercial, but its timing is off. Now the original monochromatic elegant Surface commercial featured on their YouTube, is what should have been aired a long time ago. It should have been aired during the 2013 Superbowl or during the Grammy's. "This" is the "image" they have to capture from their audience, and it's a true image. There's very little that's "soft" about Microsoft. Hard-hitting and cutting edge needs to be shown. Is there any source of information on why this hasn't been aired, if at all? There was really no build up, outside of the people who followed technology and consumer gadgets.

"Play the bully. Did people forget about the Mac vs. PC commercials with Justin Long already? Paint the image of competition, "Anything you can do, I can do better". Remember the Gatorade and Michael Jordan days?"

"Play 'The Avenger'. Crap, Microsoft, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, etc. should have teamed up during the Avengers release in May 2012. Play the hero."

The Problem:

  • Many people still don't even know what a Microsoft Surface is, eight months later.
  • Microsoft is playing the secret game. It's marketing, I get it, but there's such thing as too secret.
  • Many people don't see enough reason to switch to the Windows platform/devices.
  • Microsoft has a peculiar habit of jumping the gun and being ahead of their time.
  • Microsoft is trying to be nice, in a world that is growing to hate them, just because they're successful. But in the end, there are too many people who support Microsoft and feel that their software is the best for complete productivity.

The Solution:

  • Play POWERFUL and INSPIRING commercials, which reflects your operating system and new gained vision. Put your money on the kind of brand and image people are attracted to.
  • Official apps from big names should be here already.
  • Surface RT 8" ($350) Surface Pro 11.6" ($699) Surface Book 14.6" ($1199)
  • They need to come with the type Cover.
  • Show features of Windows 8 that people actually use or would use in their daily lives. Just really simple stuff will do it. "Think" classroom of students in a big room. One student pulls on his Surface, while others pull out their laptops and start to admire the Surface. (Samsung Galaxy commercial?)
  • Show Microsoft breaking the rules, somewhere, somehow. This captures people's attention. Do something nobody thinks can be done. A product and brands' goals need to stand out.
  • The 2-Generation Surface line-up needs to be released in September or October.

Other than that... let's have fun.