I had a dream...

Is Google’s conference day. They announce a new handset: The Nexus 5, a great affordable $350 dollars phone, it ships with Key Lime Pie. The conference seems over, people is standing up, the room is pitch dark. Suddenly the lights turn on. Elop is on stage.

People start cheering and screaming. He gets a phone out of his pocket and takes a picture. The picture gets immediately projected behind him. Elop says he’s as excited about this as the audience is.

He announces the new Nokia Focus with Android 5.0. It has a custom skin and it comes with Nokia services (including maps). They redesigned some elements of Android, in particular they brought MeeGo’s swipe back, it's the demo time, it looks as amazing as it did on the N9.

The Nokia Focus is a beautiful polycarbonate phone, comes in multiple colors, is 10mm thick, and it comes with 1080p (or 720, I really don't mind) 4.5" display. It packs a Snapdragron 800, a pureview camera (41 mp + OIS) and 32GB of storage. Why 10 mm thick? It comes with a 3,200 battery.

The crowd is going insane. The phone will be sold worldwide trough carriers.

Elop says thanks and explains how excited he is about this new journey. Page gets on the stage. He announces the Nokia Focus will also be available at the Play Store: $650 off-contract - Google Play Edition, including an exclusive color.

He thanks everyone for coming. Vlad cries out of happiness. Josh dies out of excitement.