Miniaturization is rarely a bad thing in the world of technology, but there’s a fine balance to be struck when trying to make something as small as possible without discarding the traits that made it appealing in the first place. Companies from Apple to Motorola to Samsung have tried their hand at distilling their already successful products into smaller, cheaper, and typically less powerful forms, attempting to deliver a compromise-free flagship experience in a more pocket-friendly size.

HTC believes it’s succeeded at that task with the One mini, which retains the two best things about the original One, namely its superb display quality and a unibody aluminum shell. Plenty of other corners have been cut, in order to fit within a new price bracket as well as within tighter dimensions, so questions about the resulting handset do linger.

Does the trimmed-down One feel as good as the full-fat version? And finally, can we, as Android phone users, come up with a less emasculating title for 4.3-inch phones that don’t suck?