Tablets and Undergrads

Hey forum. It's my first time posting/using this, so if there's any rules or courtesies I'm forgetting, apologies!

I'm going to be starting university in September of this year, and after talking it over with my dad, I was able to convince him that a tablet would be a great buy for myself. It would be something that I'd use for work, readings, and of course, note taking/annotating my textbooks. That being said, however, there aren't many awesome tablets that are out there for note taking - the one I'm super excited about is the Samsung Ativ Q (even though the 13.3 screen size seems incredibly oversized for my purposes).

That's where I come to you for help - are there any tablets, both current/coming out in the next little while that I should keep an eye out for? It doesn't have to necessarily be Android based, as much as I'd prefer that though (I'd love to avoid iPads though unless it's a given that they're the best/I can snag myself an MBA to replace my Acer Aspire's a horrible machine). My dad's currently got the Galaxy Note 10.1 and it handles all his tasks nicely. It must be mentioned though that he isn't a power user; he'll use it in church and in board meetings and to do a bit of research here and there, but that's it.

TL:DR: I'm looking for a stylus enabled tablet! Help me out, please!