This is why we need a 13' Surface Book

"Which Ultrabook should I buy?" is the question I have been asking everyone lately. And most of them reply saying Macbook Air. The problem is I can not stand Mac OS X, but at the same time I can not stand the hardware (and accompanying drivers) that the OEMs have been doing in the past two decades. During the desktop era, Windows had no issues because I could make my own PC, and I made 3 of them and loved all. Today, since I can not make a laptop myself I have to return to either Lenovo or Sony or Samsung to run my Microsoft software. I disdain these companies as religiously as I admire Microsoft and it's a shame they are partners.

I am a Microsoft loyalist, but saying Ultrabooks are superior to Macbook Air would be narcissism, not honesty. I am often pointed to one of these articles which tell us how Windows ultrabooks are better than Macbook Air. Problem is, such articles take many ultrabooks and tell us why they are better in some aspects - there is no single ultrabook better than Macbook Air. Some because they have imperfect design, and some other because they have an irrational choice of marketable hardware, and most of them have stickers and bloatware that dent a pure Windows experience.

Sony VAIO Pro 13 has a ridiculously bad touchpad, and if you look at the ports on the right side it would seem like the last guy on the assembly line did not hit hard enough. In comparison Surface Pro had a beautiful and suave ports dock because it used a custom VaporMg made I/O face instead of cheap iron in the VAIO Pro. And when will these OEMs understand they dont have to label the ports!


Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus does not use PCIe SSD even when Macbooks use the PCIe SSD made by Samsung. Heck, even VAIO Pro uses the PCIe SSD made by Samsung. It's just an unwise (and inexplicable) compromise for a laptop coming at the end of this year. In comparison, Surface Pro used the highest performing SSD of its time at par with Macbooks when Ultrabooks settled for cheap eMMC SSDs.

Most of the Dell and HP laptops give up on their battery too soon, and come loaded with all the ugly software that underwhelm the Windows experience. Macbooks rarely have battery and build quality issues. In comparison, Surface Pro had a clean Windows install, and definitely did not have battery or build quality issues (except that the battery was small which was a choice not an accident).

Surface Pro was a great device and the closest possible thing to a pure Windows experience. Problems with the device was something Microsoft was aware of, they were all choices not accidents. And Microsoft was compelled to make those choices because last year, it was literally impossible to make that thin a device containing anything larger than a 42h battery to give more than 5 hours of battery. I highly doubt Apple could have engineered anything better than Surface Pro, but here's where Apple is different - realizing its drawbacks, Apple would have left their device at prototyping itself. Microsoft is a bold company.

But sometimes, people need what they need Microsoft. Sometimes, they just need a beautiful (read stickers and LEDs-free) overall laptop that is made up of VaporMg, runs Haswell, HD5000, 4 Gigs of RAM, a bloatware free Windows 8.1, a touchpad that wouldnt require me to lick my fingers for it to work (sort of like your Precision touchpad) and 12 hours of battery. We just exactly need a Macbook Air to run our friendly and familiar Windows. Except something that is designed for Windows, not Mac - and something whose Windows drivers dont suck. I am sure Apple made its Windows drivers to suck because it realizes what Microsoft does not - there are no good laptops to run Windows - and Apple wouldnt want to make one.

In pursuit of the extraordinary, Microsoft has left a lot of its loyal users thinking how lucky Mac users are that they have a Macbook. And all that Thunderbolt goodness. Microsoft has to realize that these OEMs are dead weights it needs to throw away and make a Surface laptop.

I dont want to be this guy. But I am afraid I will be, soon.