A parting of the ways

I am currently in the middle of building a new PC.

It will be Haswell based and used for gaming... But then I had a thought:

What if I sold my Macbook Pro 13" and moved my Adobe Suite work to my new PC... But there's more

After selling my MBP, what if I sold my now ageing iPhone 4 and bought a Lumia 925 & an iPad Mini?


via photos.pcpro.co.uk

via cdn-static.cnet.co.uk

I could keep the Apple ecosystem with the iPad Mini AND use it as a note taker / for watching movies in bed.

I could also get the Lumia 925, so I could have a great phone camera, a new MobileOS to use and I could do all this without really spending that much. I'm only spending about £200 to build my new PC once I sell my old one, and after doing this I will probably break even...

I rarely use my Macbook Pro for anything that couldn't be done and done more efficiently on my new gaming PC and the tablet would give me portability!

Does this sound like a well thought out idea? Have I missed anything?

Is my plan flawed or have others here done something similar to great success?

I decided to post here because I think of this as a talk about mobility as well as Mobile Phones...