The Lumia 925 on T-mobile: My experience. What's yours?

I'd be interested to know. Did anyone out there pick one up?

I managed to, despite T-mobile's annoying efforts to force an Xperia Z down my throat. The staff at the store I went to and then even the forums before couldn't tell me what colours the device would be in. The fact that the phone is nowhere on T-mob's homepage should be enough to annoy Nokia out of doing business with the company again. The only mention of the device that I kept being referred to was some sparse statement in the press area of the site that makes the 925 look like some redheaded stepchild while you can't look left or right without bumping into the XZ with it's awful viewing angles.

Despite all of that, I'm absolutely in love with the 925. My most recent daily driver ran Android and this is everything I've ever wanted from a phone, I'm a total WP8 convert. That's not to say the phone or the OS is perfect, it has well documented flaws, but I don't find them any more apparent than the issues I've had with iOS and Android. I also have an iPhone 4 and an HTC One and in the last few weeks I've been leaving them at home, the 925 has been perfect for work, leisure and everything in between.

The biggest issues have been on T-mobile's end. I flat out can not get picture messages and, if I'm lucky, one in five will send properly. When a text fails to send, I usually don't get notified about it until half an hour later which brings this lingering uncertainty to the device that used to make me feel compelled to bring a backup phone along wherever I went. Wi-fi calling while at home or at the office gets the job done for really important things, but T-mobile still has a ways to go in terms of filling out it's network. Even in Downtown Chicago I might turn down a street or walk into a shop and poof, I disappear off the grid. It's annoying, to say the least.

So, like I said, did anyone pick up the 925 on T-mobile? How're you liking it? What was your experience like while buying it? Did you even know it was out yet? Discuss! It's my first forum post!