Choppy Music Playback (Razr Maxx HD)

Hi guys,

I purchased a Razr Maxx HD about one week ago and I love it. It's fast, the battery's great, the screen is gorgeous. Honestly, my one complaint is this: when I listen to music, IT'S OFTEN CHOPPY.

It's not like every track is choppy. It's not predictable. Sometimes a track will stutter within 30 seconds. Other times I'll be able to listen to half an album before I hear it. Sometimes it's when I'm doing things on the phone, but more often than not, it's actually while the screen is off. (I could understand the former. But the latter?!) It's jarring and it sucks!

It's certainly not a streaming issue, because the music is on the device. (I'm mainly using Google Play) The amount of free RAM doesn't seem to affect it. Neither does changing the number of background processes in the dev options. Bitrate and file format don't seem to be the culprit, either.

I'm not really looking for validation, because I know I'm not alone. What I am looking for is folks who have also observed this and actually found a solution to it. Does rooting help? Is there something, anything that can be done?

It's just crazy to me that such an advanced piece of hardware has SUCH trouble playing MP3s.