What is your "Microsoft, fix your sh*t !" moment ?

First of all, I'll start by saying that I'm a MS sympathist - maybe thanks to Gates, maybe because they are often the "underdog" when it comes to the fame/hype of a tech company.

I saw some nice improvements in windows 8, along with downsides of course. Some of the improvements are really useful. I hope you'll see this little rant is not from a permanent MS hater.

But it happens every once in a while that I wonder if MS is just an autistic kid who can't see where it causes good or bad.

One of those shitty moments was just now, when I tried to share my screen via skype on windows 8. (Remember: skype = owned my MS.) I was talking via to a friend via the RT Skype app and couldn't find the option. Turns out it isn't there yet.

Started skype desktop. Ups! Skype RT was still running, desktop version wouldn't work. My bad. Closed RT app. Tried to start the desktop skype program; still no success. REstarted PC. Desktop app will still not start properly. Gave up.

TL;DR: Hit my printer. Very hard. Some more. Relief !

What is your "MS, fix your shit" moment ?

- dedicated to all those small moments when you wish your PC would live so that you could tell it that it sucks (and hit it).