Dell Latitude 10 inbound - How is the performance of Windows 8 on Atom tablets?

I've recently ordered a Dell Latitude 10 and was wondering how people are getting on with Windows 8 on these power sipping CPU's? I'm only likely to be using it for browsing, some apps and some media consumption.

I was looking into getting the XPS 10 (Windows RT) tablet but I saw a deal on HotUKDeals which scored me an Atom based Latitude 10 for just over £267 shipped from the Dell Outlet (64GB SSD, 2GGB Ram, Atom Z2760).

I've read and watched as many reviews as I can on Atom based win 8 tabs but was wondering how some of you are finding them in a real world and general usage scenarios?

I'll now have a Windows 8 solution on every form factor on offer nos (Desktop, Laptop and Tablet).