Do you think third parties and independent politicians will ever have a fair chance in American politics?

I really wish more people would vote for them. Yet they always seem to think (as I used to think). "There is no way they will win so why vote for them?). I know in other countries they have a lot more than just two major political parties when it comes to their government. As it stands today Americas two party system isn't really that great. In my opinion there are too many extremists, too much corruption, and far too much bickering over the "liberal or conservative agenda". It saddens me that when my parents were growing up in the 1950s and 1960s we managed to get a man on the moon within a decade. Now they can hardly pass a budget without bickering about it. Anyways I know there are some independents in the senate or there were, and there are a few independent governors. Does anyone ever think this will come to pass?