13" Macbook Air (2013) or 13" Macbook Pro (Retina Display)

This fall I'll be a freshmen in college going for a degree in business administration. My first semester will have the general freshmen courses along with a digital photography course. I'm stuck between which of the two notebooks I should purchase. I know generally the Macbook air is suitable if your not doing heavy video editing. I know the Macbook Air received a new Intel chip, so it will have longer battery life, improved performance, and better graphics, but would it be suitable for me; I need this computer to last at least four years. Also, what specification would you recommend?


After considering all comments, I've decided that I'll be purchasing a MBA with 8 GB of RAM, but should I spend the extra money to purchase the 1.7 GHz processor, or would the 1.3 GHz be fine?