Sliding Messaging Pro - Thoughts?

Alright, so I finally decided to take the plunge and make my first post. Of all the things I've pondered about Android lately (from the OS to the apps to the devices) there has been one thing that has been absolutely bugging me and I can't make any decision on whatsoever. Sliding Messaging Pro.

I've read the reviews, looked at the Google+ post(s) about it and the community beta testing page as well. I've also read everything over at the XDA forums concerning it. I even tested it early on for awhile and came away unimpressed and slightly annoyed by the app.

I have a Nexus 4. I have no problem with the stock messaging app. It works. If it helps, I'm on T-Mobile and the network in my area is great. HSPA+ and decent speeds no matter where I am in the region. (I'd say city, but I kind of roam around and South Texas is just South Texas. Narrowing it down to any one city is kind of a moot point. It's all so close together down here that you can go from one end to the other in about 45 minutes and hit every 'major', and I use the term loosely, city in the area. When I say "South Texas" think the cities and area where you can get to the border and cross into Mexico within 15 minutes.)

I digress though, anyway the app just doesn't do it for me (on multiple levels). It seems to work for some and not for others. I send and receive too many MMS to want to deal with it flaking out on that end. It should have the right T-Mobile APN included though from what I gather, especially at this point. It's cheap, only $0.99. So cost isn't an issue. But I refuse to buy any app that isn't worth it and/or doesn't function as it should, especially not a messaging app. (The overall look of the app isn't bad, but it just doesn't quite catch my eye the way some make it out to.)

I haven't used it recently, so I can't say what does or doesn't work (at the moment). But I'm just wondering about it in general. What are your thoughts about the app? What, if any, experience have you had with it? Assuming of course you have used it, or currently are.

Somewhat related, given all the concerns lately over data being collected and what have you, has anyone used TextSecure? I haven't given it a go, but I'd like some feedback on that as well. It looks and appears to work just like the stock messaging app (including working fine with sending and receiving MMS, which is important to many). Thoughts on that app? Has anyone used it or is anyone currently using it? I might install it during my lunch break in a bit and test it out. Just want some thoughts on it as well.

EDIT: So, I gave the app a try. See my thoughts in the comments below. TL;DWR (too long, don't wanna read) version is "it's come a long way and it's worth the cost, get it right now".