Let's not turn into IGN, Verge.

Let me start with the usual: I am not a troll. I am a fan of The Verge; I log on everyday and I appreciate it's existence in order to stop AOL's potential monopoly or whatever. I was a reader of IGN, but then switched to Engadget. After The Verge was made, I switched from Engadget (This Is My Next wasn't really cutting it for me...). I write this so we can all learn and prosper.

People come to The Verge in order to read about tech news. Please, make the homepage of The Verge only about tech news. I do not care for political, biological, scientific, environmental, nor film news unless they are directly related to technology. These movie reviews and posts about semen (yep...) just make a cluster of information that I do not want to go through as I am looking for actual tech news. Necessary expansion is good, unnecessary expansion leads to complaints.

Suggestions? Add more sub-websites in order to organize information. Construct a movie sub-site and fill it with all your reviews and information. If you find that you can't fill the website with enough "new" information then perhaps you shouldn't cover movie news! I don't like "occasional" reviews of movies and it's really unnecessary for a website about tech news!

Stop expanding for expansion sake; keep your goals straight: this is a tech site, not an everything site.