Improving Snap further in 8.1

This is what i wanted in 8.0 and sadly it's still not in 8.1.

The Startscreen would just replace the empty space thats usually there when you snap something.



The Startscreen is simply replacing the empty space that would be there if you had snapped Control Panel, if you now click a Tile, instead of a new App replacing the Startscreen directly it would make use of the new feature in 8.1 see next picture :



It's not much of a change but it makes it a bit more useable as you do not have to go back to your Startscreen.

It doesn't quite fit into the 320pixel view just like that though so the Startscreen would need to remove the "Start" text when in 320pixel view, other than that it just looks a bit funky when it's that small but it's better than absolutly nothing.

Your thoughts about this?