How do you want from a SmartWatch?

The tech world is abuzz with news of a Google Watch, iWatch, Samsung Galaxy SWatch, and various other wearables that are coming to market soon. I hear of a lot of concepts and ideas, but if I were to ever get a Smartwatch, it needs to have the following:

Classy Design: I haven't really seen anything come out yet that has a timeless, classy design that doesn't scream TECH GEEK. A Smartwatch that I purchase doesn't need to be made out of expensive materials (except where practical, such as a Sapphire screen that won't shatter), but it should be fashion conscious. Smartwatches today are too bulky and appear to be too intrusive. The screen should be sharp and attractive; I think it could be a color screen, but it doesn't have to be. But it should have a high enough resolution such that smaller text is sharp and clear, and watchfaces replicate the real thing as closely as possible. It should be waterproof.

Homescreen: I should have my choice of a watch face. Time, date, and weather is all i need on the main homescreen.

Information and Notifications: I want a SmartWatch that provides relevant information to me at all times. This includes the obvious such as the time and date, weather, and notifications. Some Google Now functionality would be great too.

I can see the benefit in reading the full text of your notifications, such as SMS, email, Facebook messages, Facebook notifications, and the like. However, I should be able to control which notifications ping my watch, and the level of detail that is sent. For example, I may want the sender and full text of every SMS, but I may just want the sender and subject for emails.

Data Input: I don't want to try to interact with my Smartwatch when it comes to data input - I don't care to read an entire email chain and then try to reply via my watch; even voice dictation isn't perfect. I want to see notifications, then pull out my smartphone if I need to respond. I can see quick replies in SMS being useful however.

Navigation: I would like to see Google Maps push navigation to my smartwatch. A simple arrow denoting the next turn and the distance remaining would be very useful.

Activity Tracking: Similar to a Nike FuelBand, it would be great for a smartwatch to track my steps, heart beat, and sleeping patterns.

I find that the benefit of a smartwatch is that it's a good complementary device to a smartphone. Being able to leave my phone in one room, but still knowing if I have any notifications is great. When my phone is in its pocket (e.g. at the movies, during meetings, when I'm shopping and carrying around lots of bags, when I'm running through the airport, etc.), it's much easier to see notifications come through on my watch than it is to pull out my phone.

By no means do I want a Super Smart Watch that tries to replicate what my smartphone can do. Don't give the smartwatch its own data connection. Don't give my smartwatch too many ways to input data. I'm going to have my smartphone with me, so don't try to be an everything device. Let the smartphone do its thing, and let the smartwatch do its own thing.

What are your thoughts?