For those in the United States of America Independence Day is tomorrow. What do you want for Americas future?

What I am trying to get at is with how far The United States has come since 1776; where do you think we are headed? Where do you want America to be in the future? I would love for better education for the people, make college less expensive. I would hope the country moves to more greener fuel sources. In my state the majority of our power is produced by coal, we do have some wind farms in the north. Yet I would like to see more of alternative energy in the future. I would love for the wealth gap to not be so high. I know many people in my life have fallen on hard times in recent years. I hope the country can reduce hunger, homelessness, poverty in the cities and the rural areas. I hope people will get healthier not because the government demands them too. But because they decide they want to. My state is very low on the list of healthiest states in the United States. This summer I am doing my best to walk/jog everyday and in general eat healthier and drink more water. There are numerous things I could talk about but, then I would be here all day. I look forward to hearing what you hope for the future. In addition if you live in another country I would love to know what you would want to see in the future given your perspective.