In support of the Moto X customization

So Motorola offers more customization than any other reasonably priced phone, and all the fanboys denounce it because it didn't satisfy their octo core discrete graphic 5000 mah 4K display customization dreams.

There was even one claiming outrage that Motorola lets people pre-set their wallpaper. He declared it worthy of mockery. Has it ever occurred to anyone that consumers may find uploading a photo from the computer easier than moving the file to the phone, looking for it, then cropping it to set the wallpaper?

And why complain that it's "only" back cover color, side color, engraving, and storage? That's far more customization variables than any other market phone and to boot it looks like there will be 12-20 colors.

If you were expecting CPU/GPU, display, and camera customization, you were unrealistic as those would all require different drivers and make updates a nightmare.

So get over the withdrawal symptoms and recognize the Moto X for what it is, a potentially great phone with contextual awareness and more customization.